Auto Center Money Matters Living Center Job Center Educators Corner's Knowledge = Wealth Initiative was created to stress the value and importance of understanding financial matters before making decisions. The Knowledge = Wealth Initiative takes a proactive approach on money management, hoping to reduce the millions of Americans who seek debt counseling services and bankruptcy protection each year. The initiative believes that empowering individuals with basic personal finance concepts will increase sound financial decision-making and positively impact the economy over time.

The following ten principles serve as the pledge for individuals committed to the Knowledge = Wealth Initiative:

  • I will research the pros and cons of any major financial decision I must make
  • I will not enter into a financial agreement I know I cannot afford
  • I fulfill all financial obligations "on time"
  • I understand that building wealth does not necessarily mean becoming rich
  • I have a yearly financial plan in place regardless of my income level
  • I have committed a percentage of my earnings to savings
  • I understand the difference between good and bad debt
  • I understand the importance of credit
  • I check my credit file at least once a year
  • I will encourage others I know to be financially responsible

By joining and agreeing to the Knowledge = Wealth Initiative principles you are taking an important step towards building wealth for yourself and our economy as a whole. Knowledge = Wealth Initiative members will also be included in the quarterly newsletter, which provides general financial information you can apply to your life. More enhancements to the initiative membership will be coming soon!

I Agree
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