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The monthly car payment is not the only expense you must consider when purchasing a vehicle. Routine maintenance, insurance, gas, and registration fees, are all expenditures that vary depending upon the type of vehicle you prefer. For instance, a SUV compared to a compact car will cost you more out of pocket expense in gas due to the difference in fuel economy. Also, a foreign vehicle compared to a similar domestic car, may cost you more to maintain due to the higher prices for foreign- made parts. Finally, insurance charges can make a car unaffordable even if you can make the monthly payment due to the higher premiums charged to younger drivers.

It is important to ask yourself what will be the primary use of the vehicle.
  • How many passengers will frequently ride with you?
  • Will the vehicle be used for long distance driving or
    short distance trips around the city?

Small Cars

Small cars are generally less expensive than their larger counterparts. Most auto companies target small cars at the youth market and often offer special financing or incentives for first-time buyers. Small cars with their 4 cylinder engines give drivers good gas economy and reasonable handling. Also, insurance cost are fairly reasonable on small models.
Because they run on smaller engines, you may be unhappy with their lack of power. Also, passenger space is limited in most smaller cars, which can make long distance drives uncomfortable for passengers. Lastly, most small car passengers are at a disadvantage in an accident due to their lightweight construction.

Large Cars

Larger cars have a reputation for offering a nice smooth ride. Their size makes them more comfortable for road trips due to their roominess. Also, most full- size cars are equipped with larger engines that offer more power to drivers. Moreover, due to their size and weight, large cars may fare better in accidents and collisions.

Because they have bigger engines compared to other models, large cars also have the reputation of being "gas guzzlers." Additionally, with a large car you may have to sacrifice performance and handling for their comfortable ride. Finally, the bigger the car the bigger the price tag usually will be.

Mid-Size Cars

Mid- size cars share the features and benefits of both worlds. They offer more space compared to a small car and have bigger engines and achieve better gas mileage than larger automobiles. Generally, mid- size cars are a good choice because they can adapt to people's changing lifestyles, such as, deciding to start a family.

Sport Cars

Sport cars are simply fun to drive. They offer the power and the handling that true car enthusiast can appreciate. The sport car is a symbol of status, and can make you look cool in the eyes of your peers.
Insurance companies and police can be very hard on young sport car drivers. Also, your safety in a crash may be lessen due to their low two- door construction. In addition, sport cars do not generally handle very well in hazardous conditions compared to other vehicles.


Like large cars, full-size SUVs or sport utility vehicles offer plenty of space for their passengers. Their rugged truck features allow drivers to go off-road or navigate in hazardous conditions that a car would not be able to handle. Also, SUVs are very popular and like sport cars can appeal to those wanting social status . Because of their size bigger SUVs are relatively safe in accidents.
Due to their versatility, SUVs can be expensive. Also, SUVs offer plenty of power, but also drink plenty of gas. Therefore, if you are not going to take advantage of a SUV' s off-road capabilities you may want to consider small size SUVs or opt for a 4x2 package to lower your cost.

Pick Up Trucks

The image of pick up trucks has certainly changed over the years. Trucks these days are very stylish and offer versatility. Pick up trucks now come in all different sizes to fit your needs.
Pick up trucks aren't known for a luxury ride; therefore, you may be more comfortable in another vehicle. Also, you lose the covered secure storage space a trunk provides unless you purchase a tonneau cover.

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