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Expect the most out of the dealership you are purchasing a vehicle from. You should look for a professional and courteous staff. Also, monitor the way the dealership treats its current customers. If they treat their previous car buyers unprofessionally, there is a high chance you may also receive undesirable treatment. Ask friends or family members about dealerships they would recommend to reduce the risk of having a bad car buying experience.

The process of buying or leasing a vehicle whether new or used has been characterized by deceptive dealers and unhappy consumers. However, by conducting some research you will save yourself both time and money. The Internet has made it easy to compare prices, models, and dealership inventories. Manufacturers, dealerships, and third party sites all have a wealth of information. Once you have conducted your preliminary research, the following is what you can expect when you arrive at the dealership:

The Lot

When you step out of your car you probably will have a salesperson greet you within the first couple of minutes. Like walking into your favorite store at the mall, the salesperson is there to assist you in your purchase decision. Through asking open- ended questions a good salesperson will find out:

  • what type of vehicle you are looking for?
  • will you be trading in your car?
  • have you bought from the dealership before?
  • will you be purchasing or leasing?
  • what you looking to pay for the vehicle?

The Test Drive

The test drive is a chance for you to "test out" the features of the vehicle. Generally, the salesperson will drive first in order to explain all the features and benefits of the vehicle, then they will let you drive. After you have finished your test drive, you should be able to determine if the vehicle fits your needs.

The Negotiations

Once you determine you would like to purchase the vehicle, your credit score will be ran and payments will be calculated. If everything is satisfactory you will choose your finance options and elect or decline any warranty services. Warranty elections will add to your monthly payment; however, like any type of insurance coverage it may come in handy if repairs are needed.

The Delivery

Before driving off the lot with your new wheels, completely inspect the vehicle. Check the window sticker of your car to ensure all options you paid for are equipped. Also, make sure your car systems and fluid levels have been checked and ensure the vehicle has been sufficiently cleaned to your satisfaction. Make sure you are introduced to the service department to become familiarize with their operations before service work is required.

Post Sale

Build a relationship with the dealership. If you were treated fairly, consider referring business to the dealership to show your commitment to them. In return you should expect good treatment and above average savings on vehicles bought at the dealership in the future.

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