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Finding the right job can be an easy or stressful process. Generally, the more inroads you have into your desired companies, the easier it will be to land a position. We stress that you use the resources of your school's career development center. It is much easier to find a position in school compared to obtaining employment after you graduate.  Your school's career service center is a beneficial resource for the following reasons:

  • Corporate Relationships Many companies recruit at colleges where they feel graduates match their organizational needs. Also, career counselors often know the HR representatives and can inform you on salary offers and interview structure.

  • Job fairs and Resume posting Most career service centers host job fairs on campus. Also they allow students to post their resumes on their Internet site, which employers can access when filling positions.

  • Skill development You can get assistance on writing cover letters and resumes along with practicing your interviewing skills.

If you do not find your dream job before graduating college, there are other alternatives; however, your university's career center may still be able to help you along with the following:

  • Newspaper The city  newspaper where you want to live will have a wealth of job openings. Also, most newspapers help sponsor and promote job fairs in the area. Although, the potential shortcoming with the city newspaper, is you are usually pursuing positions along with  more experienced people. 
  • Headhunters Sometimes companies use staffing agencies to help them find qualified candidates. The headhunter acts as a broker, matching companies with job applicants and people with jobs. These agencies may have job information that is not posted in the paper. It is important to ask if the hiring company pays for the agency's fee for finding applicants or if you will be responsible for covering their fee if hired. Furthermore, headhunters will generally not allow you to interview for positions you have already been considered for, since it is their job to find the company new applicants.
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