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Consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to have multiple offers upon your graduation date. Landing a job is important, however;  finding the right job  for "you" is where your emphasis should be placed. The job you accept will usually depend on the field you've studied in school. Before excepting any offer, you will need to evaluate company specific information to avoid working for a company that is not the right fit for you. Consider these factors when deciding between job offers:

  • philosophy of the company and your fit within the organization Does the company value the same things I do? How do they feel about the environment?; working mothers?; religious obligations? Am I an asset or a liability as an employee?

  • company financial strength Is the company financially healthy? If I accept a position will I have "relative" job security?

  • geographic location The company headquarters is in Buffalo, NY, but I am from the West coast and I hate cold weather. Will this situation work out?

  • pay and benefits Company X is paying more in salary, but their health care benefits aren't as strong as I would like. Company O will give me a company car and an expense account that will save me out of pocket expenses.

  • number of hours required I only want a 9 to 5 job. How many hours is the average employee working per week? Does the company compensate salary employees for any overtime?

  • continuous training and advancement opportunities What systems are in place to further my skills and make me a stronger employee? Does the company pay for advanced degrees? What is the career track and timeline for promotion with the company?

  • drive time It will take me 1.5 hours with traffic everyday just to get to work. 
  • travel requirements The job requires me to travel 4 nights a week. What about my relationship or chance to meet someone?
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