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People reside in cities for many different reasons including:

  • Location of job offer

  • Family ties 

  • Friends

  • Cheap cost of living 

If you have not narrowed down what city you will relocate to, consider these factors:

Cost of Living

Your buying power is measured by the cost of living index. The index tracks the average cost of groceries, health care, transportation, housing, utilities, and miscellaneous goods and services. For example, a person making $70,000 in New Orleans could only have the buying power of $25,000 in New York City due to the high cost of living. Usually, the big metropolitan cities of the Northeast and the West Coast will have a higher cost of living index score. Importantly, the cost of living in the city you choose to reside in will affect your ability to save money. Cost of living indexes can be found in your local library.


Weather has played an increasing factor in where Americans choose to reside. In fact, over the last several decades there has been a major shift from The Rust Belt (Industrial Midwest and Eastern cities) to the Sun Belt (Southern cities with warmer year round climates.)

Cool Factor

Many young people want to live in a cool place. Cool cities offer the entertainment venues, night clubs, restaurants, and local government tolerance toward young adults, that make you feel at home. Check out where young adults currently make a large percentage of the population.

Local Economy

You want to live in a vibrant city that is growing and not one that is decaying. Healthy local economies produce a wide range of good paying jobs that attracts more people and more venues to the city. offers a questionaire that gives you cities that match your criteria.

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