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Apartments/Houses Based on their needs, many people decide on renting their housing instead of owning. Rental housing can range from duplexes and single-family houses to large high- rise apartments. Importantly, there are numerous rental options:

  • Townhouses are two story apartments with the bedrooms located upstairs. 
  • Garden apartments are usually built in groups of four units and can be one or two story dwellings. 
  •  Efficiency apartments are usually one-room apartments that are limited in space.

The cost of renting can vary widely. For instance, a two bedroom garden apartment may rent for $800 on one side of town and $500 elsewhere. Leasing contracts usually range from 6 months to two year, and all maintenance requirements are generally handled by the landlord. When renting, the property needs to be well maintained or you risk losing your security deposit. Also, excessive damage may have a negative impact on your renter's history when you try renting somewhere else.

When renting property it is important that the management company be responsive to your request. Remember your rent entitles you to timely service and a well maintained property.

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