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Most perspective buyers work with agents. Importantly, most home sellers work through brokers also, and by hiring a broker/agent you gain professional expertise.  Agents who belong to a multiple listing service are privileged to all homes that are for sale through the service. Real estate agents can provide helpful information including: neighborhood trends, schools, and median prices in the area. An agent can also help: negotiate with the seller, obtain  financing, and prepare contracts. Their services are usually paid for by the seller, meaning the help you receive is free.

In order to minimize the chance of working with an unprofessional agent, check to see what type of real estate organizations they belong to. One such organization is the National Association of Realtors. The Association's membership is based on a good business reputation, the completion of related coursework, and upholding the code of ethics of the (NAR), realtors' state association and local real estate boards. Beware of realtors, who:

  • try to sale you whatever listing they have currently available without taking into account your needs and wants
  • try to push you towards a certain lender due to a commission they will receive
  • do not devote sufficient time in helping you due to their large number of clients
  • try to steer you towards a certain neighborhood based on race or religion, which is unlawful
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